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Desire to create and impress.

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We love to create videos that impress you, your target audience, and ourselves. We believe video is a tool like no other. A tool that influences and entertains an audience in a way that’s impossible in any other medium.

The world of creativity is open to us and we get to influence the world by helping introduce, explain, and entertain a product to those who will benefit most from it.

who are we?

what about us?

our work

We’re the people behind the camera. We’re usually smiling. We got our start about 5 years ago and have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients, big and small. 

We racked in 100,000’s of views on Youtube, organically, for a single client. We’ve stayed on budget, on time, and on standard for all of our clients.

While views and ROI are 100% important, we also love the creativity and craft. Combine creativity with real results and you have the reason we do this: To impress: you, your clients and ourselves.


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Marissa DeMaria
Marissa DeMariaOLA
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It is truly a worry-free process because of how well they lead us. We are so happy to have hired Redfox to make a great representation and advertisement of our company!
Timothy Zaristky
Timothy ZaristkyOrange Visuals
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We have worked with RedFox on several projects and have always left impressed. David’s ability to take an idea and bring it to life through visuals is superb. Highly recommend!
Bogdan Vygovskiy
Bogdan VygovskiyOOLALA
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They really know how to take your product and idea and communicate your offer through visual creative that gets your prospects wanting, buying and raving about your products.
Jordan Wells
Jordan WellsWin After College
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Every step of the process was transparent and seamless from contacting him to receiving the finished product. Redfox creatives is a hidden gem and worth the investment several times over. 5 stars, absolutely recommend!


Ohio Video Production agency

Ecommerce video production in columbus.

Columbus, Ohio

We are based in Columbus, Oh and provide video production services to tech brands and businesses.

We provide video for business promotion and marketing. Types of videos we offer are: Website background, explainer, product demos, branding, client testimonial, and so much more.

Columbus, Ohio