July, 12, 2022

quick tip 1: you should spend more on lighting than your camera.


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Hey, did you know that lighting matters much more than that new camera you think you need? For our “Quick Tip of the Day” we’ll quickly show the difference of better lighting vs better camera.

why lighting?

If you are anything like me and love getting the latest and greatest, or you bought the lie, “the better the camera I get, the better my videos will be.” Sadly, while there’s some truth in that phrase, experience, composition, and lighting affect your video quality a whole lot more than your camera.

Now you might be saying, “Yeah but, I need that 4k slowmo or I need that full frame,” WAIT, listen up. You might eventually need those things, but right now, chances are, what you need is practice and better lighting. Don’t overlook the big difference good lighting makes over bad lighting. I don’t care if your shooting on a Red or Alexa (super expensive cameras) with improper lighting the video, or photo, will just be bad. 


Here you can see a side by side comparison of a Sony FX3 and an iPhone.

bad lightingiphone2

Now, there’s definitely a difference between a good camera and a bad one, however the contrast between good lighting and bad lighting is much more significant.

I have access to multiple camera’s and with good lighting, and proper conditions, you would have a hard time telling the difference between a $300 camera or a $4000+ camera. Now there are things that high end camera’s get you, like dynamic range, 4k capabilities, higher frame rates, etc but for most filmmaking all you really need is 1080p and 24 frames a second and you’d be able to make a short film without any trouble. If you’re a youtuber, or aspiring to get started, investing in lighting will get you so much further than investing in an expensive camera.


So next time you are considering spending a lot more money on the new latest and greatest camera to improve your video’s, I’d recommend first getting good lighting equipment and learning how to use it.

Here are a few options for more affordable lighting kits:

#1 – Affordable Kit: Videographer Package

1. Key Light (Main light) – Purchase on Amazon

2. Rim Light – Purchase on Amazon

3. Fill Lights (x2) – Purchase on Amazon

4. Soft Box – Purchase on Amazon



*Also need to purchase light stands

Price: $640+

#2 – More Affordable Kit: YouTube Startup

1. Key Light & Rim Light – Purchase on Amazon

2. Soft Box – Purchase on Amazon

3. Fill lights – Use any lamps/lights you have


Price: $250


#3 – Most Affordable: Free Kit

1. Use Window Light

Sony FX3 Bad Lighting

Sony FX3 Good Lighting

iPhone Good Lighting